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Episode 006 – Third Grade Mermaid

Cora the mermaid has a big problem. When she gets kicked off of the swim team because of a great big “Fish” (minus the “ish”) on her spelling grade, her mother gives her an enchanted diary that bewitches her to write her thoughts and feelings.

Leilani, age 8, reviews Third Grade Mermaid (book 1 of the Third Grade Mermaid series), written by Peter Raymundo

Episode 1 – The Viper’s Nest

Amy and Dan Cahill follow a lead to South Africa to track down one of the 39 clues that could lead to becoming the most powerful person on Earth!

Chaska, age 9, reviews The Viper’s Nest, (book 7 of the 39 Clues series) written by Peter Lerangis